Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Terrorist Ready"

That's what I keep thinking. My addition is getting its stucco. It is a process with many stages: first they stapled styrofoam with space blanket, adding R-value to the building, and making it into a giant "styrofoam cooler," then they put up the chicken wire. Then, the day they started putting the first coat of stucco on, they covered all the windows and doors with plastic. I know it is to keep things clean and unsplattered, but I can't help having my own private joke, remembering the onset of the current reign of terror inflicted on us by institutionalized terroristophobia, and how our president advised us all to wrap our houses in plastic, seal them with duct tape, so that if there were poison gases released, or anthrax spores, we would be "safe."

So that's where I am, inside my plastic-wrapped cooler, sore shoulders-hips-lumbar-knees, carpal tunnel tingles; slow-moving and creaky like the Tin Man when I get out of bed in the morning.

But the building is beautiful, and I love it, and am looking forward to moving in, though that may be a while.

It's a long way from my goal of "guest ready" in October, but that's still two months away, and I might still make it. You never know--I just need to muster up a little more enthusiasm.

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