Sunday, October 18, 2009

mid october

it is just plain old breathtaking around here.

roses are blooming, grass hoppers are rare (at last!)

strawberries are few, eggs almost a dozen a day. tomatoes are still ripening slowly, a few zuchini left.

cilantro sprouted a few weeks ago, but is not plentiful, the parsley is abundant, arugula is everywhere, the spinach germinated, as did the peas and fava beans, but will not likely bear unless the fall is long and mild. no sign of the kale i planted with the arugula. some germination on the lettuce.

raspberries are abundant,

the dogs are attentive to when i pick raspberries, and come pick them with me. i've picked 2 quarts in the last 2 weeks, and there are plenty left. i should say, i've brought two quarts inside. (kombucha, vinegar, and freezer), and fed the dogs while i picked, and the dogs picked their own too. that's mopsie in the photo.

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