Monday, August 31, 2009

puppies and peppers

My dear pups are doing well, even so, the challenges of life with puppies continue. this morning i discovered that yesterday in my absence, they, or one of them, did a little pepper research.

first a word about the gardens of the area this year. we had a very late spring. it didn't warm up and it rained a lot. the tomatoes are very late. tomorrow will be the first day of september, and though i have had a few wonderful tomaotes, the crop is still on the vines. plenty of zuchini of course and the other very prolific and fast vegetables. i planted my peppers in the house garden area, and there, they are within the yard where the puppies play and sleep and grow. i much prefer red peppers to green ones, and am waiting for them to ripen. i have plenty of big, ripening sweet peppers. no, that's not right. i used to have plenty. yesterday, the pups had a pepperfest, and the remains are in the lawn.

deep sigh.

they are puppies. this won't be the last incident involving them i am sure. they come, sometimes reluctantly, when i call them. they sit before i place their food bowls on the ground. they will walk on the leash, if we go slowly. they will sit and watch the parade of chickens and turkeys exiting the coop, ut we have a long way to go. and, in preparation for that, as an aide in communication, they are learning that the sound of the clicker is a wonderful thing.

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