Sunday, July 20, 2008

Young at Heart, Canning Notes on Honey-Reduced #1

This morning's batch was the first honey-reduced apricots of the year, and now I am completely out of pints. I've bought all the pints they had at big lots [[From the editor--Mom, what does this mean?]], and a collection of jars at a local yard sale. I especially like the yard sale collections because of the wonderful mix of antique and modern jars, and because I like to think about how many times a jar has been filled with food, from how many gardens, orchards, farms; to wonder how many families have been fed from it, and how many times it has been given from one household to another filled with something wonderful.

It has been hot again, and there are trees full of soft, ripe fruit, and some red and green mixed in; I am hoping that there will still be some fruit hanging on the trees a week from today, when my daughter will visit me. HOORAY! How precious the time together is.

Today I saw the movie Young at Heart for the second time. Linda and Pat went too, as did Linda's friend, Sally. It was a great reminder how short and precious life is, and I think it is my new all-time favorite movie. Wednesday is the last day it is showing here, and I will probably go see it again before then.

P.S. If this post still contains misspellings, questionable punctuation usage, and lacks capitals, it is because my editor is traveling. She might even delete this little part when she reads it. Hi, editor, thanks for making me look good [[Hi, Mom]]

Now, off to the orchard for more joy of apricots.

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